What is fine art? This has been one of the most fascinating and pondered questions of our time. In this gallery we feel that fine art is an expression of the self but to broadcast it at a professional level we feel it needs to meet certain qualifications demonstrating maturity, focus, and the ability to convey a feeling or understanding. Here, we display the highest quality imagery in the Hudson Valley inspired by ideas from around the world and from things that are hidden inside ourselves.

Fine Art

Kate Vargas and Salvador Vargas III collaborate on ideas for dual showings offering different perspectives. See styles ranging from watercolor to colored pencil works and stop by often to check out new gallery openings. 

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Body Work

We offer professional tattoos! Salvador Vargas III has been tattooing for nine years and exceeds in all styles of tattooing. His passion lyes in fine art realism work. He uses bold colors and textures that don't need heavy line work to hold true. Come check out his portfolio and see how your ideas can be transformed into stunning imagery for your skin.

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