Story Brook anyone? A couple of moons ago, a      beautiful lady named Katie invited me on a date, and Saugerties NY was the location. I was looking for work and she was looking to have fun so why not combine both. We visited an old tattoo haven in saugerties and checked out the sights and fell in love with the area. Saugerties dashed us with its ancient vibe. We enjoyed the place and saw the possibilities that could flourish there. We sat down, had a slice of pizza and said, we could live here some day.

We always had dreams of doing amazing and outrageous things that would change the world. We had thoughts of traveling, executing large scaled events, teaching, and so many other things; but this little store, us not knowing at the time, would be the expression and extension that we needed. We traveled all over the east coast and some of the west with many questions of what is art?! What is tattooing?! With seeing so much insanity going on around us we decided to rip ourselves away from the toxicity that constantly plagues the art scene and to finally settle in a place we could call our own, a haven of sorts.

We opened the doors in literally a couple of days after conceiving the idea. Once we had keys in hand, it instantly became our home. It is a magic space, a sacred space. It became a space that inspired people to go to the light instead of the darkness. We’ve had travelers, musicians, students, yoga teachers, other artists..etc that have added their spark to the space with their amazing energy and love.

Salvador Vargas III has been tattooing professionally for over 9 years. Salvador has tailored his artwork to fine detail oriented, high contrast portraits. Katie is also very interested in portraiture and nature scenes. 
Original artwork is available as well as prints.